Tuesday, October 25, 2011

moving ahead slowly

first overworked reflections
final, I think, reflections (maybe too dark?)
   I only had small amounts of time to paint today between other obligations (painting IS the main thing I do but some days you wouldn't know it...) so along with briefly working on the foreground grass texture in my big commission, I moved slightly forward on my Yupo fall studies. I rubbed off and re-painted the foreground reflections in the first one I worked on, and I placed more of the brightest colors in the second one. I think I'm getting the hang of working with the Yupo substrate. It is really hard to give up the 'layers' process and just paint the final colors right away, but it's a great exercise for me. I still have a lot of greens and blues to add, but I like the freshness of it...so far, anyway - hopefully I won't overwork it massively.
The results of the second 10 minutes of work on fall scene #2

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